Scheduling: We attempt to secure as many dates as possible, but there are always changes through the year so ALWAYS check the email for updated information on dates/days/times of all field trips.  All confirmed trips and events are listed on Charity Homeschool's calendar.

Each field trip will be announced in the weekly newsletter, giving details, and asking for sign up at least a week or two in advance. A date will be listed for RSVP and will indicate whether or not the field trip is open to ONLY Charity Homeschool, or to family and friends as well. It will also indicate if you have to send payment ahead of time or just pay when you arrive.

Events will use SignupGenius or Facebook events to reserve your spot until a more functional website is created.

If you sign up for a trip or event, you are in the count we give the location. If you don't show up and/or let us know you aren't coming you can hold up the group from starting the trip and sometimes, we need to pay for you even if you don't show up, you will need to send payment in those instances so the coordinator and/or Charity Homeschool does not get stuck paying for you. In those instances we have a set count we have to pay for and you cancel or don't show up, It will be billed to you and you will not be allowed to register or take classes until your amount is paid in full.


All members who sign up for a full year (or) half year membership will not receive a refund of membership payment if you decide not to participate in any of Charity Homeschool's Activities.

***All members MUST commit to sign-up to help at ONE EVENT during the school year as a requirement for membership. Examples are helping at events like: Harvest Party, B&N Fundraiser, Prom setup/clean up, Art Show, etc. (Helping with setup/cleanup or teaching at Co-op is a separate commitment)

Commitment for Field Trips & Events:
If you sign up for a trip or event that requires payment ahead of time by a certain date, please send the payment by that date!  The person coordinating the trip or event has to pay the venue by a certain date and can not use their money to pay for you and hope you will eventually pay for it and not back out. If payment is not made by the deadline date, you will not receive your tickets/be signed up. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Charity Homeschool's Private FB group:
As a member, you have access to our private FB page.  On this page you can post questions, ideas, and events as long as they are not conflicting with our group (ie: advertising for another HS group or event that conflicts with an event we have coordinated).  Many FYI posts will be on the FB group and not sent in email form so not to clog everyone's email with all that we receive.  You will be sent an invite to the group upon renewal or joining the group.

HSLDA membership discount:
Our group does have access to our own group number for a $15 discount off your membership if you want to join.  You do not have to join HSLDA to be part of the group, it is just an extra to help you with your homeschool journey.  The info and number will be emailed to you upon renewal or joining.


1. ALL students must be with an adult or in class or Fellowship Hall AT ALL TIMES.  No walking around the hall during classes or talking in the hall, that includes parents too as it is distracting to the classes.

2. Parents must REMAIN on the premises . You cannot drop off your child and leave.

3. Do not use ANY items belonging to the host church unless stated.

4. Nursing mothers may use the Nursing mothers room only during nursing and may have their other children in there with them.

5. Be QUIET and do not RUN when inside the building.

6. If you have any problems or need help, please find Co-op Coordinator for assistance.

7. Everyone is to remain in the Fellowship Hall while classes are being conducted, not in the hallways unless they are going to the Nursing Moms room or have been requested to pick a child up from a class early.

8. Please do not touch anything in the cafe, it can only be used for quiet study at the tables.

9. Parents MUST pick up children from each class at the time of class end (On time), if you wish to have your child leave the class on his or her own, you must give permission to the teacher on the first week, or your child will not be allowed to leave w/o you!

10. Each family must sign up for slots to help classes run smoothly. We have Setup, cleanup slots as well as class helpers, hall monitors and nursery helpers. When everyone does their part we can be the caring community we strive to be.

11. All families will be emailed a copy of the final class schedule a week before classes
start along with the cleaning schedule & Directory. We will have the schedules & map
posted at classes each week if you forget to bring the one emailed to you.

12. All payments must be accompanied by the PAYMENT form.

13. Families will occupy the Fellowship Hall only, while waiting for children in class. This
room is for families to talk and do school work during the day, also for little ones to

14. If you can't make it to the time you have signed up to set up, clean up, or hall monitor YOU MUST SWITCH WITH SOMEONE!!!! Anyone not showing up for their set up/cleaning date and not finding anyone to replace them(unless there is an emergency and I am told before the scheduled time) will be charged a $30 fee for the first missed set-up/clean up and Double that amount if you miss both and don't find a replacement. If you find someone to replace you and it isn't a switch, you will automatically be put on the following weeks schedule or a date when we need you(you will be notified).

Information about choosing classes:
- Classes vary in content, structure, requirements, time, fees, etc.

- It is the parents' responsibility to select classes which would be most
appropriate for their children.

-All Preschool classes will already have a helper for their class, please don't try to
stay or hang out in any class you have not already been asked to help in, it is
very distracting to teachers and students. You may observe 1 week if you would
like, but need to be away from the children so not to distract them or teacher
during class.

-Please take your child to the bathroom between classes so there are less
interruptions during class. We do have hall monitors if they need to go during


- Grade levels are suggested, but usually are slightly variable by one year in some
classes, but not in all. IF YOU WANT TO SIGN YOUR CHILD UP FOR A CLASS

- Parents may visit classes at any time, but please do not bring younger children
to class. Parents can not sit in a class every week, just one. You will need to sit
at a separate table or a chair away from kids, so not to distract and please don't
help the children unless asked by the teacher.

- Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

- If a class is full, you may put your name on a waiting list OR choose another
class, not both. Please do not call the teacher to have them fit you in, there may
be other students already on the wait list that are ahead of your child. Also there
are no sign ups after they are over, please don't ask teachers during lessons to
add your child, they are instructed not to add anyone.

- If you want to make a change, please do so before the sign up deadline!

- If you cancel or make changes after the sign up deadline, there will be a $15 per class cancellation fee!

-If payment is not received by this date, your family's classes will be canceled. You will also be charged a $15 cancellation fee per class.

-Please be responsible in submitting your payments on time!

-Please take note of the Expense Fee that is on the payment form. Each class your child or you are signed up for, there is a $1 expense fee that goes towards the use of the building. The church does not charge us for building use, but we give them a love offering for letting us use the building, that is what the expense fee is for.

Teacher info:
No one is required to teach to participate in co op classes.  Any member of Charity Homeschool can teach a class for our co op sessions.  Teacher sign ups are on June 1st and Jan 1st(you must be a member to sign up to teach).  The sign up info will be sent out prior to sign up with all the info on what you will need to send.  The sign up is first come and there will be no duplicate classes on the schedule.  Any member age 13-17 can teach a class, but has to have an adult in the class with them the first semester for the entire 8 weeks and can teach any age(with the adult). After that semester, you are able to teach on your own, but need to keep the ages of the class, under your age(ie: if you are 13, you can only teach kids up to 12 years old).

There are a limited number of classrooms.  Class rooms and time slots will also be given out on a first come basis and necessity too.
  If you need more time than the 35 min, you also have the option to do 1st period starting as early as 12:30, but those slots are limited.

Teachers must leave their rooms they are using for their classes as clean as possible when they are finished with class. Please don't leave the room a mess for the Clean-Up crew to do!

Now you are free to fill out the Charity Membership form and check the box saying that you have read ALL of this.