Below is last school years activities and Field Trips to give an Idea of what we offer and do throughout the year. A new, fuller schedule for 2017 will be out shortly. Check the calendar for upcoming events. Everything on it will be confirmed.

Events for 2016-2017:

Here is the 2016-2017 field trip event list for Charity Homeschool.  There are some things I am still in the middle of confirming, but wanted to you to have the list before class started.  I will be sending out a sign up for each of these events about 2 weeks before or more depending on when the sign up deadline is or if money is due before the trip.  I have lots more planned for this year, just waiting for all confirmations to come through.  All events will note on the sign up if they are open to only Charity Homeschool members or if you can invite friends. ~Michele

  • September 2016:

Seneca Park Zoo Sept. 2nd 10:30am                                                         $5 ea
Charity Homeschool "Kick Off" Picnic Sept 10th                                        11:30-5
Mom's Night Out at Panera                                                             Sept 9th 7pm
Tween/Teen Night                                                           Sept 17th 6:30-8:30pm
Disney's Homeschool Ultimate Field Trip                                      Sept. 26 - Oct 2
Treehouse Creations Tour                                 Sept. 22nd Time-TBA(Postponed)
Gymnastics Training Center classes                   Sept. 13th, 20th, 27th (2:00-3:30)

  • October:

Sir Douglas Fir Nazareth Play                                            Oct 5th 10am $7 each
Stokoe Farms                                   Oct. 6th (10:30-2:00)$6 ea. (2 & under free)
Charity HS Family Harvest Party                                    Oct. 10th 6:30-8pm Free
Percy Jackson- The Lightning Thief Nazareth Play               Oct 12th 10am $7 each
Mom's Night Out at Panera                                             Oct 14th 6:30pm Free
Tug Urger Tour- Fairport                                                 Oct 21st 10:45am Free
Tween&Teen Maze at Long Acre                                          Oct. 21st (1-3) $6ea.
Chase Farms Potato Tour                    Oct 27th 10:30am $5 students(parents free)
Winnie The Pooh Play                                                                      Oct 28th 10am
Gymnastics classes at GTC continued                                     Oct. 4th, 11th, 18th
Blades Ice Skating                                     Oct 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th (1pm-2pm)
Homeschool Hockey                                                                       Oct 25th

  • November:

Edgerton Model Railroad                                                             Nov 3rd? Free
Tween/Teen Movie Night                                                  Nov 19th 6:30pm Free
Skippy John Jones TYKES Play                         Nov 11th 10am or 12:30pm $8 each
Barnes & Noble Tour                                                    Nov. 17th 10am & 1pm Free
Mom's Night Out Movie Night or Fondue Night                   Nov. 4th (6:30pm) Free
Blades Ice Skating                                                 Nov. 3rd, 10th, 17th (Cont)
Homeschool Hockey                                              Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th (Cont)

Chorus Practice (for Barnes & Noble Performance)                    Nov 21st 1-2:30pm

  • December:

Eastman House Tour                            Dec. 1st (10:30am) $4 kids $9 Adults
Charity HS Book Fair/Fundraiser at Barnes & Noble                 Dec 2nd 9am-10pm
Mom's Night Out Christmas Party                                  Dec. 5th 6:30-8:00pm Free
Color Me Mine                                                                                      Dec. 7th?
Tween/Teen Night Christmas Party                                            Dec 10th Free
Junie B. Jones Nazareth Play                                          Dec. 15th 10am $7 each
Blades Ice Skating                                                       Dec. 1st, 8th(Cont)
Homeschool Hockey                                                           Dec. 6th, 13th (cont)

 Events in 2017:

Charity HS 2nd Annual Art Show - April 17th 6:30-8pm

Charity HS 2nd annual Science Fair - March 6th 6:30-8pm

Marks Pizza

Glacier Ridge(depending on weather)

The Cat in the Hat Nazareth Play - March 22nd at 10am

Bad Kitty TYKES Play - Jan 20th $7 ea

Goodnight Moon TYKES Play - $7 ea

RMSC & Planetarium

Bill Grays Open Skate

Family Bowling at Empire Lanes

Altitude Trampoline Park

Shadow Hill Maple Syrup tour

Ganondagon tour

Coldstone Creamery

Genesee Country Museum

Seabreeze - June 12th

Charity HS Graduation - June 10th

*Splash Lagoon - March 12-13

Charity Homeschool Prom - May 18th

*Lancaster,PA group trip - May 21-25

Prime Whitetails Deer Farm

Spring Co-op Classes - March 20- May 15

*Disney's Ultimate Field Trip - Sept 3-10

*Creation Museum & Ark Encounter - Oct 2017

and more!!!

*Denotes overnight family trips

I will send out an email announcing the field trip to all members, giving details, and asking for RSVP to one of their email addresses at least a week or two in advance. I will always list a date for RSVP and I will indicate whether or not the field trip is open to ONLY Charity Homeschool, or to family and friends as well. PLEASE always double check that you RSVP to the correct email address. I will email you back with a response, so if you don’t get one from me within a day, I probably didn’t get your email, Do Not reply on the emails, it will be going to another email address and you may not get signed up!!

Because of the large number of people to manage for field trips, it is usually most convenient to use email for sign ups. You may certainly call to sign up but all announcements will go out via email. With them being posted on Facebook as well, it is ok for you to accept that you are coming, but you MUST email me to sign up, a FB accept is NOT a sign up!