Charity Homeschool Group is a Christian organization that helps families in the Rochester, NY area through support, co-op classes, online discussion, field trips, new homeschool seminars and more. If you are in need of information, help, or have questions, please email


2019-2020 school year

membership is now open


S U M M E R   2 0 1 9

Fall Co-op Teacher Sign-Up (June 1st-15th)

Seabreeze @ 10AM-5PM (June 17th)

Tween/Teen Night Summer Event (TBA)

Fall Co-op Classes Student Sign-Up  (July 8th - 26th)

Weekly Playground Playdates (Various days June through August)

Charity HS Kick Off Picnic (August 18th)

Disney's Homeschool Ultimate Field Trip (August 25th through September 1st)