Charity Homeschool Group is a Christian organization that helps families in the Rochester NY area through support, co-op classes, online discussion, field trips, new homeschool seminars, etc. If you are in need of information or have questions, please email


Charity HS Prom 2k17


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Upcoming  Events:


Charity HS 2nd Annual Science Fair
March 6th
Charity HS Art class trip
@ Noelle's Studio 220

March 9th
Splash Lagoon

March 12th-13th
Mom's Night Out @ Panera Bread
March 17th
Tween/Teen Skating Night
March 18th
Cat in the Hat Play
March 22nd
Maple Syrup Farm Tour
March 23rd
Channel 13 Weather Lab
@ Calvary Rochester
March 27th

Homeschool Gymnastics at GTC
starts March 28th - May 9th

Spring Co-op Classes Begin!
March 20th - May 15th


Altitude Trampoline Park
April 6th
TYKES Goodnight Moon Play
April 7th
Mom's Night Out Painting Night
@ Noelle's Studio 220
April 8th
Charity HS 2nd Annual Art Show
April 17th
Narnia: Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe Play @ Kodak Center
April 28th
Coldstone Creamery
Tween/Teen Night @ ROC City Escape Room

Homeschool Gymnastics at GTC
Continues through May 9th

Spring co-op Classes continue
til May 15th